Sunday, 18th November 2007


Walk: Moor Howe, Dubbs Road, Sour Howes, Sallows, Garburn Pass, Kentmere Hall, Whiteside End, High Borrans, Moor Howe
Start Point: Moore Howe / Dubbs Road Grid Ref: NY 423 006
Distance:  10 miles Ascent:  1,800 feet
Weather: Mist and drizzle for most of the day
Accompanied by:

Marie, Gill, Andrea (and Shep), led by me

Comments: There was some drizzle to start and we climbed into mist soon after we left Dubbs Road. Sour Howes summit was difficult to spot in the mist. We descended out of the cloud as we dropped towards Kentmere but distant views were still hazy. There were a lot of mountain bikers on the route to Whiteside End and High Borrans - further investigation revealed that this area is a 'mecca' for mountain bike trails.


Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Before long we come across some rather large puddles - a sign of the previous night's heavy rain


One was so large we just had to wade through it


Gill, Andrea and Shep appear out of the mist on the way to Sour Howes


The summit is difficult to find in mist . . .


. . . but we'll opt for this one


Sallows is more distinct . . .


but Shep doesn't want to pose up here


The raindrops look like jewels as we stop for elevenses on Crabtree Brow


Shep, and the mandatory stick, wait by the gate


This tree would have been much more impressive with sun on it


Kentmere Hall started out as a pele tower in the 14th century, with 5ft thick walls . . .


. . . but was added to in 15th-16th century, turning it into a farmhouse


Shep waits patiently with his stick . . .


as we walk towards Whiteside End


Kentmere Tarn


We are surprised to find a spring in the middle of the path


A banking provides a sheltered spot for lunch


Shep was going to bring this stick, but decided to leave it behind


Is Marie thinking of a rowing adventure?


Who threw my stick in here - it's a bit cold today


Borrans reservoir


A tired looking Shep - 'Are we nearly there yet?'

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