Sunday, 22nd July 2007


Walk: Rothay Park, Skelghyll Force, High Grove, The Struggle, Kirkstone Pass, Red Screes, Scandale Pass, Little Hart Crag, Dove Crag, High Pike, Low Pike, Low Sweden Bridge, Rothay Park
Start Point: Rothay Park footbridge Grid Ref: NY 371 044
Distance:  11.5 miles Ascent:  3,600 feet
Weather: Shower and mist on the way up Red Screes. Thicker mist leaving Red Screes but cleared later on.
Accompanied by:

Marie, Ray, Mandy, Phil, Eric, led by me

Comments: Quite an easy route up Red Screes, gaining height quickly instead of the slow slog up the nose. Better views in the afternoon, descending from Dove Crag.


There are photos for this route when it was reccied on 29th April

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