Sunday, 7th September 2007


Walk: Mosergh Farm, Whiteside Pike, Todd Fell, Capplebarrow, Ancrow Brow, Long Crag, White Howe, Lamb Pasture, Bannisdale High Bridge, Plough Farm
Start Point: Mosergh Road junction Grid Ref: SD 530 999
Distance:  11 miles Ascent:  2,300 feet
Weather: A sunny start with some cloud later in the day
Accompanied by:

On my own - recce

Comments: The path is clear for most of the walk but a couple of places need careful navigation.  It was a sunny and very clear day so there were lots of opportunities for photos, even though Wainwright said, ' the scenery is desolate and has little of beauty'.


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A clearer view of the Whiteside Pike from the track past Mosergh Farm


The Shipman Knotts/Kentmere Pike ridge - Longsleddale Valley is hidden beyond the fields


The cows, overlooked by Whiteside Pike, seem to be taking an interest


Whiteside Pike summit with Todd Fell on the left and Capplebarrow on the right


A close-up of the inscription stone


Looking back towards Kendal the division between fell and field is obvious


Looking down to Docker Gill, a path follows the wall towards Brunt Knott on the horizon


From Whiteside Pike the indistinct path leads down to the wall then up to Todd Fell on the left


Across the Bannisdale Valley we get a good view of the Capplefall crags


From Todd Fell the Longsleddale Valley comes into view, with Shipman Knotts and Kentmere Pike behind, and Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick disappearing in the low cloud


Great Gable seems to rise out of the mist on the far horizon, while the Langdale Pikes are just touching the cloud on the left


The path from Sadgill to Kentmere is clearly seen by the wall and the Garburn Pass can just be seen in the distance


The Bannisdale valley from the top of the horseshoe


Looking back across the Bannisdale Fells to Ancrow Brow - not much of a path here


White Howe has its own trig point . . .


and the unnamed top between White Howe and Lamb Pasture has its own miniature cairn


The 'cairn' on Lamb Pasture is almost hidden in the colourful grass

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