Sunday, 9th December 2007


Walk: Grasmere, Helm Crag, Gibson Knott, Calf Crag, Steel Fell, Grasmere
Start Point: Grasmere: lay-by on A591 Grid Ref: NY 339 082
Distance:  8 miles Ascent:  2,500 feet
Weather: A dry start with rain and wind developing later
Accompanied by:

Marie, Andrea, Gill and Shep, led by me

Comments: After the steep climb up to Helm Crag we had good views as we walked across to Gibson Knott and Calf Crag. An easy stroll along the ridge to Steel Fell saw the weather close in with some mist then rain and wind. Apart from a couple of rocky sections the path down from Steel Fell was a gradual (more or less) grassy track.


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Looking over Lancrigg Wood to Helm Crag


Sunlight hits the High Raise ridge


Lots of water in Sourmilk Gill today


Shep is camera-shy for this shot


Harrison Stickle and Pike O'Stickle emerge from the mist, Pavey Ark to the right


Not much further now - to the top of Helm Crag that is


The South top of Helm Crag


The main top - doesn't look much like a Howitzer from here


Sunlight touches Tarn Crag and snow highlights the High Raise ridge


A sunny spell overlooking Far Easedale


and I try out a 'mountaineering' pose


Make sure you don't step on the 'trick' stones


A very windy Calf Crag


Andrea hangs onto the cairn while Gill hangs onto Shep


Quick before I get blown off the top!


Fighting the elements on Steel Fell


Looking up at 'The Lion and the Lamb' from the descent of Steel Fell


Gushing water at Mill Bridge

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