Tuesday, 10th February 2009


Walk: White Coppice, Great Hill, Round Loaf, Lead Mines Clough, Jepson's Gate, Anglezarke Reservoir
Start Point: White Coppice Grid Ref: SD 617 190
Distance: 6.5 miles Ascent: 1,030 feet
Weather: A dry and sunny day with a light covering of snow
Accompanied by:

On my own

Comments: I had been wanting to explore Round Loaf on Anglezarke Moor for some time and as the recent cold weather had frozen the ground I decided it would be the ideal time to tackle this notoriously boggy route. There are no paths to Round Loaf marked on the OS map but on Google Earth a number of paths can be seen radiating from the Bronze Age tumulus. As I approached Great Hill the light covering of snow highlighted a couple of possible paths. Leaving Great Hill on the paved track I took the right fork after crossing the stile, and on to the tumulus of Round Loaf. From there a number of paths radiated in all directions. I took the one that headed towards Lead Mines Clough but stayed on the higher track instead of dropping into the clough itself. This path took me to Moor Road and after passing Manor House I dropped down past High Bullough Reservoir. Following the path past Anglezarke Reservoir I crossed over Moor Road and took the path through the fields back to White Coppice.


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A frozen un-named reservoir at White Coppice


The Mormon Temple stands out clearly as I look back down to White Coppice


The ruins at Drinkwaters - named because of a clear spring here


The light dusting of snow highlights the paths to Round Loaf, just visible to the right of centre


Approaching the Bronze Age tumulus


The cairn on Round Loaf with Great Hill in the distance


Path to Drinkwaters


The path to Lead Mines Clough with one to Hurst Hill on the right


Leaving the tumulus . . .


and again


Lead Mines Clough


Yarrow, Anglezarke and Rivington reservoirs


Winter Hill in its 'Winter' dress


Anglezarke Reservoir - can't resist another shot every time I pass this way!


The frozen reservoir I saw at the start of the walk, with The Lowe behind

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