Thursday, 29th October 2009


Walk: Eaves Wood, Pepperpot, Cove, Scout Wood, Jenny Brown's Point, Heald Wood, Scout Wood, Silverdale, The Row
Start Point: Eaves Wood car park Grid Ref: SD472 759
Distance: 7 miles Ascent: 700 feet
Weather: Dry and very mild with some sunshine
Accompanied by:

Joseph and Beth

Comments: Walk 1 from 'Walking in Lancashire' seemed to have lots of variety to keep the children interested, and this certainly proved true. The first part of the route lead through Eaves Wood where some 'adventuring' took the children into the trees. A bonus at the Pepperpot was the discovery of a GEO cache which we inspected before leaving it intact. Heading down to the shore, a cave needed to be explored before a few pebbles were dispatched in the direction of the sea. Then it was time for a little brisker walking as we made our way along leaf strewn paths to Jack Scout Wood. Jenny Brown's Point provided a grassy seat to enjoy an afternoon break before making our way onto the sand - and time for more stone throwing. However, the climb into Heald Brow wood was a bit of a shock after all the flat walking, but it did not last for long. Time now to head back towards the cars our route followed the base of a limestone scar as we headed through Scout Wood. A few fields later and we had reached The Row, and a short road walk back to the cars - just as well as the feet were now beginning to complain!!!


Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Stepping out as we enter Eaves Wood


The 'Tree in the Stone'!


The Pepperpot, a memorial to Queen Victoria's golden jubilee . . .


where we stop for lunch . . .


and Joseph enjoys throwing stones over the edge


Am unusually shaped tree . . .


which provides a good spot for photos


Joseph directs Beth through the trees - after 'adventuring' takes her off course


Some post boxes in the area are quite old


Time for a little cave exploration . . .


I knew that torch would come in useful some time!


A short scramble takes us back down to the beach . . .


and after a little stone throwing we had better catch up with Grandma


Looking back up the beach with the cave on the right


Just passing by!


The Japanese Maple adds to the autumn colours


Lindeth Tower where the writer Elizabeth Gaskell watched travellers crossing the sands from her sitting room at the top


The board tells the story . . .


of the restored limekiln


Time for an afternoon break at Jenny Brown's Point . . .


and Joseph decides to get a little reading in


I line of shingle clad boulders stretch for nearly a mile - an abandoned 19th century attempt to reclaim Silverdale Sands


With all that grass around . . .


the sheep decide to browse amongst the rocks!


Another good spot . . .


for practising 'shot put' skills


Jenny Brown's Cottage


Is it a see-saw? Is it a slide? No, just the remains of a bridge!


Another limekiln heralds the start of the 'sea-washed turf' section of the walk


Following directions 'wriggle through the gap between the gate (which is missing) and the wall . . .


and Beth made it through


Again, following instructions . . .


to 'take the wicket gate'


A 'grotto' at the base of the limestone scar

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