Sunday, 25th April 2010


Walk: Troutbeck Bridge, Troutbeck Tongue, Threshthwaite Mouth, Thornthwaite Crag, Troutbeck Valley
Start Point: Church Bridge, Troutbeck Grid Ref: NY 412 027
Distance: 10.5 miles Ascent: 2,500 feet
Weather: Low cloud and mist quickly joined by rain and wind
Accompanied by:

6 members of the group, led by John L

Comments: Making our way along the valley we could see that the tops were covered in mist. As we climbed towards Threshthwaite Mouth the mist descended further and the rain became constant. At least the mist hid the length of the climb up the scree slope to Thornthwaite Crag. The wall provided excellent shelter from the wind but after lunch it was decided to take the path down into the valley rather than tackle the summits of Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke. By the time we were walking back past Troutbeck Tongue the the views were a little clearer and the presence of new life became the focus for the cameras.


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Full waterproofs are needed as we make our way . . .


to Limefitt Park, and a misty prospect on the hills


With no distant views, the 'babbling brook' takes my attention


Only just born


Climbing to the summit of Troutbeck Tongue . . .


where John has a battle with his umbrella . . .


and the view down the valley disappoints


We manage to find a little shelter for a morning break . . .


and at our lunch stop Garry produces a GIANT carton of orange juice!


Back in the valley Mum proudly shows off her twins . . .


and the newborn lamb is now 6 hours old


There is light at the end of the valley!


More signs of new life, large . . .


and small


And another set of twins!

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