Sunday, 5th September 2010


Walk: Wet Sleddale Road, Shap Blue Quarry, Wasdale Head, Wasdale Pike, Great Yarlside, Harrop Pike, Mosedale, High Wether Howe, Sleddale Hall
Start Point: Roadside on Wet Sleddale road Grid Ref: NY 561 125
Distance: 14 miles Ascent: 2,200 feet
Weather: Mainly sunny with a cool wind on the ridges
Accompanied by:

3 members of the group, led by Ian

Comments: Extra layers were needed as a cold wind blew across the open fells at the start of the walk. Reaching the shelter of the Blue Quarry,  the appearance of the sun soon had us taking layers off. Making our way through the Blue Quarry the jokes about 'Ramblers Quarry Walks' were flying in all directions but soon started to go downhill!!! (sorry Phil). After making our way through a boggy Wasdale Head the leader informed us that we just followed the fence to the gate then headed up to the next summit. Forty minutes later we eventually found the gate!! A short walk then took us up to Wasdale Pike before retracing the path to the fence. Continuing on alongside the fence we began to wonder where Great Yarlside had got to. Checking the map and grid references showed us to be in the right spot, but no signs of any summit markings. With Harrop Pike now in sight it was decided to make our way there for lunch. A very pleasant break was taken in the shelter of some rocks overlooking Mosedale. After checking out a possible path leading directly down to Mosedale it was decided to stick to the original plan and again use the fence line as a guide. With much banter and rivalry the ladies followed the path on one side of the fence while the men stuck to the 'wetter' side!!!!! Eventually meeting the main path from Mosedale we started to head back towards Wet Sleddale. However, the attraction of one more Outlying Fell just a short distance away proved too much for the leader and a detour was made. A little rough walking then brought us back to the path and a direct return to the cars. A very enjoyable day with much drier conditions than expected.


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Extra layers are needed as we prepare for the start


Phil and Ian swap jokes as we make our way through the Blue Quarry . . .


and past the Three Peaks (roofline)


Sign posts lead us in the right direction . . .


past more scenic views . . .


but I don't think we'll be reporting to Reception


A little map reading practice, and we leave the quarry behind


Rocks provide good seats for our morning break . . .


and we eventually find the elusive gate . . .


which leads to Wansfell Pike


One would have though that Harrop Pike deserved to be included in the Outlying Fells


A rocky outcrop provides shelter for lunch . . .

before we make our way down the valley - Mosedale Cottage can just be seen in the centre of the picture


High Wether Howe, the last Outlying Fell . . .


and a very strong wind


Wet Sleddale comes into view . . .


as does the Moderate group, making their way back to their cars as we head for ours

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