Sunday, 18th December 2011


Walk: Skinners Syke, Sawley Grange, Rimington, Torrid Bank Wood, Downham, Warsaw End, Chatburn, Grindleton Bridge to Sawley via the Ribble Way
Start Point: Spread Eagle car park, Sawley Grid Ref: SD 776 466
Distance: 10.7 miles Ascent: 1,100 feet
Weather: Cold and frosty but sunny all day and clear views
Accompanied by:

9 members of the group

Comments: Two celebrations were on the cards today, one being the Christmas Meal for the group and the other being the completion of my target for the year - to walk 1,000 miles (planned walks not including local sorties). After a week of very wet weather we were treated to a sunny, clear day with the ground frozen enough to make muddy sections easy to navigate. With this being the walk before the Christmas meal for the group the pace was leisurely, giving lots of time to take in the views and catch up with members that had joined us. The meal at The Spread Eagle was enjoyable, with good service and a pleasant atmosphere.


Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Spread Eagle car park - a bit icy in places


The ruins of Sawley Abbey catch the morning sun . . .


as does the entrance archway


Robb spots some deer on the ridge . . .


and Phil gets a close up photo of them with his new camera


One of the many stiles, this one leading onto the A59


A Shetland pony comes to greet us


A pause as we wait to cross an easy stile


Heading into the sunrise (or was that sunset?)


Ready to set off again after our coffee stop


Trip, trap - is that three dwarves on the opposite bank?


An impressive house as we pass through Rimington


Ingleborough has a good covering of snow to the North . . .


while to the South Pendle Hill just has a dusting


Betsy negotiates a tall stone . . .


while Jenny takes on an obstacle course


Novel gate closer


Ducks at Downham . . .


and a view of the church


Lunch in the car park - not one of usual stopping places!


We counted a total of 21 paragliders . . .


enjoying a good day to 'hang out'


The group takes a break . . .


before continuing round the end of Worsaw Hill


Is this really a December day?


Grindleton Bridge . . .


where I reach my taget for the year - 1,000 miles


John inspects the erosion . . .


as we walk along the Ribble Way


Looks like boulders have been added to protect the banking


Stepping stones? - not for me


A last look across to Pendle Hill . . .


before continuing on to Sawley Bridge . . .


from where the sun dips behind the hill


Pre-dinner drinks at the Spread Eagle . . .


followed by a delicious meal

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