Sunday, 23rd January 2011


Walk: Grassington, Bare House, Bycliffe Road, Mossdale Scar, Conistone Moor, Dales Way, Conistone Pie
Start Point: Grassington main car park Grid Ref: SE 002 637
Distance: 12.7 miles Ascent: 1,465 feet
Weather: Overcast but mainly dry with good visibility
Accompanied by:

4 members of the group

Comments: A long gradual climb from Grassington took us up to Bare House and the Bycliffe Road. From here the clear track took us round to Mossdale Scar, the site of a tragic caving accident in 1967, when six young men lost their lives exploring the Grade V (super severe) system. Then it was over the wilderness of Conistone Moor with its spoil heaps and sink holes. Heading down through the field system we met the Dales Way, leading to Conistone Pie (with all the possible jokes being bandied about!). The pleasant green path leading back to Grassington was somewhat spoilt by the hundreds of mole hills strewn across it.


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Historic water pump in Grassington (but the sign warns against washing boots!)


Looking back over Grassington to Pendle Hill


Let me out!!!!


Gee up!!!


Bare House - a focal point on the way to . . .


Mossdale Scar . . .


the site of a tragic caving accident in 1967, when six young men lost their lives . . .


while exploring the Grade V (super severe) system.


Rain swelled Mossdale Beck . . .


causing the caves to flood


Looking back down to Mossdale Scar as we climb onto Conistone Moor


John checks our route as we finish lunch


Conistone Pie


Kilnsey Crag from 'the pie's crust'


Eric & Phil look for the way up . . .


and join us for a group photo


Looks a steep drop . . .


but John quickly heads down . . .


so that he can show that it's an easy climb up!


From the gully a good path leads down to Conistone


A smart lime kiln


A rock(ing) chair . . .


which I try out for size!

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