Monday, 23rd January 2012


Walk: Churn Clough Reservoir, Dean Farm, Pendle Way, Newchurch in Pendle, Barley Hill, Ogden Hill, Pendle Hill, Scout Cairn, Howcroft Brook
Start Point: Nick of Pendle Grid Ref: SD 771 385
Distance: 12 miles Ascent: 2,300 feet
Weather: Mainly dry but a short rain shower followed by a short hail shower and in the afternoon a brief blizzard Time: 5.25 hours
Comments: This walk was similar to the last one done in this area, but with the intention of exploring a couple of paths I saw last time (not marked on the map). It was an enjoyable route and makes the a total of 7 different ways I have climbed Pendle Hill.


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Sun breaks through the cloud, from Nick of Pendle


Churn Clough Reservoir


The sun puts the spotlight on . . .


Waterman's Cottage


Footbridge over Sabden Book . . .


and again looking towards Black Hill


Dean Farm is the oldest farm in Sabden Valley dating from 1574. Over the mullioned windows the weather worn inscription reads, "This house was built by Hugh Moore, son of Christopher Moore (eldest brother's son) and Lettuce, Hugh's wife, in the name of Our Lord God 1574".


Newchurch in Pendle is now in view


Witch (which) way?


St Mary's Church - ideal morning stop


Pendle Hill from just past Newchurch


Panorama of Lower Ogden Reservoir


Black Moss Reservoirs from the climb onto Pendle Hill . . .


and another view of Lower Ogden Reservoir - my route was just to the left of the small forest


Looking across to the Nelson area from Pendle Hill summit


The Scout Cairn marks the start of a very boggy section


It starts to snow as I cross Howcroft Brook . . .


and is almost blizzard conditions for about 5 minutes . . .


but before you know it the sky has cleared giving views of the Parlick to Totridge Fell ridge

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