Sunday, 7th July 2013


Walk: Brackenbottom, Pen-y-Ghent, Plover Hill, Foxup, Pen-y-Ghent Gill, Pennine Way, Brackenbottom
Start Point: Horton Bridge Grid Ref: SD 811 720
Distance: 14.7 miles Ascent: 2,750 feet
Weather: Sunny and hot Time: 7.5 hours
Comments: Feeling in need of some climbing I headed to Pen-y-Ghent but decided to change the route I usually follow after descending from Plover Hill. After a gradual ascent over Brackenbottom Scar the climb up the end of Pen-y-Ghent was quite enjoyable. Despite the recent dry weather there were still a few boggy areas to be navigated on the route to Plover Hill. North of the summit the descent has been made much easier by the development of a stepped path. Normally I have turned west on reaching the cross path but today I turned east in the direction of Foxup. Initially the path was narrow and a little muddy in places but this quickly changed to a wider green path. From Foxup I headed south to reach the Littondale Road. After a short stretch along the road I turned off onto a path that paralleled Pen-y-Ghent Gill - a bit rough in places. After reaching Blishmire House the road must be followed again to Dale Head where the Pennine Way is joined for a short time. Forsaking my original plan I headed up to the foot of Pen-y-Ghent to descend back over Brackenbottom Scar and return to the car.

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Pen-y-Ghent from Brackenbottom Scar . . .


and again from the start of the climb


Summit trig point - most of the climbing now done!




The upgraded descent from Plover Hill


Heading across Foxup Moor . . .


but missing out Foxup itself




Pen-y-Ghent Gill . . .


with some pipe repair needed . . .


to stop wasting . . .


so much water


Pen-y-Ghent House


Pen-y-Ghent comes back into view


Lots of thistles now in flower


Possibly some sort of Warbler?


Time to go


Buttercups galore


Lots of farmers are busy during a sunny dry spell


Must be a vintage car rally nearby - lots of cars passed this way


The ascent route onto Pen-y-Ghent


Looking back from the bottom of the ascent the buttercup field can be seen just above centre . . .


taking a closer look


The final climb (no, not all the way up!) . . .


before returning via Brackenbottom Scar

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