Monday, 11th July 2016

Walk: Promenade, Swallow Cliff, Middle Hope, Woodspring Priory, Culm Farm, Sand Farm, Kewstoke Church, Monks Steps. Western-Super-Mare Promenade.
Start Point: Sand Bay car park Grid Reference:  
Distance: 8.5 miles + 2 miles Ascent: 1,050 feet
Time: 3.75 hours + 1.5 hours
Weather: Sunny and warm with a strong wind

This was an easy walk with the onlt ascent being to the trig point and up the Monk's Steps. The most westerly point on Swallow Cliff was an enjoyable extension to the walk with the waves pounding on the rocks in the strong wind. As the Priory was being used we weren't able to access it all and continued on the the Monk's Steps. 200 steps took us to the top before descending don the road back to the car.

We drove to Weston-Super-Mare for a coffee stop and a two mile stretch along the promenade.

The mud of Sand Bay stretches out a mile distant to the low-water mark

The trig point marks the highest point on these downs . . .

while Swallow Cliff marks the western-most point . . .

where evidence of volcanic activity can ve seen

Looking along the coast and across the Severn Mouth towards South Wales . . .

and back to Middle Hope Bay . . .

as Sheila and Marie catch me up

Woodspring Priory was founded in the early 13th century by William de Courtney . . .

though much has been destroyed

Kewstoke Church

A daunting stone wall stile leads to . . .

the 200 Monk's Steps which were contructed in medieval times

Western-Super-Mare prom

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