Sunday, 3rd July 2016

Walk: River Lostock, Sheep Hill Lane, River Lostock, M6, Dog Kennel Wood, The Lake, Green Wood, Sheep Hill Lane
Start Point: Home    
Distance: 5.3 miles Ascent: 480 feet
Time: 1.75 hours
Weather: Sunny and warm
Comments: A short walk through Cuerden Valley Park gave me the opportunity to test out my new walking shoes before going on holiday - very comfortable. Had a brief glance of a couple of dragonflies at the breeding ground but not able to get any photos - what a contrast to the last time I came here.

The first pond used to be open water with ducks on but is now almost covered with plants

A closer look reveals what looks like a leach - head on the thin end

The dragonfly breeding ground . . .

where all I was able to photograph was a lone orchid

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