Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

Walk: Binsey, Orthwaite, Little Cockup, Great Cockup, Trusmadoor, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Little Sca Fell, Broad Moss, Longlands Fell, Longlands, Chapel House Farm, Scawthwaite Mire
Start Point: Binsey Cottage Grid Reference: NY 234 350
Distance: 12 miles Ascent: 3,800 feet
Time: 6 hours
Weather: Overcast with low cloud and strong winds at the higher levels.
Comments: Parking at Binsey Cottage meant that there was a long walk across fields to the 'Back o' Skidda' Fells. When I descended from Longlands Fell I noted that there was room for a few cars to park at Longlands, which could be used in the future.
The low mist and lack of a clear track to Great Cockup and Great Sca Fell made navigating difficult and with the weather deteriorating I decided to miss out Brae Fell, which is usually included in this group. Of course once I had descended I left the mist behind and it was quite a pleasant walk back to the car.

Binsey with a nearby shelter . . .

and more distant cairn

A circle of rocks . . .

bit the inside gives no indication of what it is

Great Cockup . . .

with surrounding low cloud

Meal Fell

Great Sca Fell whose smaller neighbour . . .

Little Sca Fell has a much more impressive cairn and shelter

Longlands Fell . . .

where someone has been balancing rocks

Dropping out of the low cloud . . .

the views soon open up

Looking back the tops are hidden in the mist

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