Sunday, 12th May 2019

Walk: A wander around the National Trust area of Brimham Rocks trying to identify the various rock formations
Start Point: National Trust Centre Grid Reference: SE 208 646
Weather: Sunny and mild

Visiting Brimham Rocks has long been on the 'bucket list' and it can now be ticked off. Being a sunny Sunday there were many families exploring the various rock formations but the area is so vast that they were well spread out. Some of the named formations could be easily identified but others were very hard to find. It was a very enjoyable afternoon, having completed a walk around How Stean Gorge and How Stean Beck in the morning.

During the last glacial period, (the Devensian glaciation, roughly 73,000 BC to 10,000 BC) the rocks were shaped into the bizarre silhouettes you see today. As the last of the giant ice age glaciers melted they created the ripples and waves on the rocks, creating sculpted looking forms. Since then, rain and wind have further eroded the strange rock formations seen throughout the area.

Many of the rock outcroppings reach over 30 meters into the sky, and the protected Brimham Rock area covers more than 400 acres.

Lots af activity as seen from the visitor centre

The Dancing Bear

The Druid's Writing Desk

A trio without a name

The Plant Pot

The Idol with Sheila and Marie

and again with me

The Baboon

Yoke of Oxen - need a little imagination

Nameless but possibly Pig's Head

The Oyster Shell

Another nameless trio


Rocking Stones perhaps

The Turtle

Lookes like a bird's head to me

The Smartie Tube was difficult to find until we saw a boy climbing out of the hole . . .

and went to have a closer look . . .

with Marie exloring th other end

The Backsmith's Anvil

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