2019 Diary

2020 Diary

Tuesday, 29th September Acreland, Till House, Higher Heights, Enclosed Track, Beacon Fell, Shivering Ginnel, Cob Manor, White Hall, Grindleton, Ribble Way 7 mls 1,500 ft 4.5 hrs
Monday, 28th September Thorpe Lane, Thorpe, Hesker Gill, Shooting Hut, Cracoe Obelisk (War memorial), Craco Fell, Fell Lane, Cracoe, Threapland, Langerton Hill, Brow Plantation 9 mls 1,500 ft 5.2 hrs
Sunday, 27th September Berry's Chair Works, Laund Farm, Park Style, Dinkling Green Farm, Long Knotts, New Laund, Fair Oak, Knot Hill 9 mls 1,390 ft 5.7 hrs
Friday, 25th September Hanlith, Pennine Way, Janet's Cave, Hawthorns Lane, Weets Top, Calton Moor, Pennine Way, Green Gate, St Michael's Church 8.7 mls 1,415 ft 4.75 hrs
Wednesday, 16th September Laithbutts Lane, Newby, Slatenber, Fell Lane (A Pennine Journey), Ingleborough summit, Little Ingleborough, Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail 11 mls 2,336 ft 6 hrs
Monday, 14th November Skirden Bridge, Oak Trees Nursery, Hungrill Farm, Holden, Lower Laithe, Rodhill Lane, Hague, Skirden Beck 5 mls 677 ft 2.2 hrs
Saturday, 12th September Longridge Fell main track, upper track to Hare Hill, rejoin main track to return 4.3 mls 486 ft 1.5 hrs
Wednesday, 9th September Worsaw Moor, Scout Cairn, Downham Moor, Big End, Pendle House, Barley Lane, Brownlow, Hecklin Farm, Downham Beck 9 mls 1,633 ft 5 hrs
Monday, 7th September Some muddy sections and uneven surface across fields 5.6 mls 240 ft 2.2 hrs
Sunday, 6th September Lower Lane, Mardale Playing Fields,Green Nook lane, Halfpenny Lane, Longridge Road, John Smith's Playing Fields 6 mls 300 ft 2 hrs
Wednesday, 26th August Lancashire Coastal Way, Green Drive, Lytham Hall, The Mount, Witch Wood, Fairhaven Lake 8.4 mls 131 ft 3.75 hrs
Monday, 3rd August After planning this walk for Beth and Dan, they invited me to join them - a special treat to be included in their plans! 7 mls 2,000 ft 4 hrs
Friday, 31st July Snow Hill Lane, Wyre Way, Street Bridge, Foxhouses, Wyresdale Park 6.5 mls 270 ft 2.5 hrs
Wednesday, 29th July Lambing Clough Lane, Trough House, Dinckley Footbridge, Marles Wood, Ribchester Bridge, Dewhurst House, Haugh Wood, Clough Bank Wood, Lambing Clough 6.5 mls 647 ft 3.5 hrs
Sunday, 19th July Upper Dilworth Reservoir, John Smith's Playing Fields, Lords Lane, Berry Lane, Dilworth Brow 5 mls 373 ft 1.75 hrs
Sunday, 5th July Upper Dilworth Reservoir, John Smith's Playing Fields, Lords Lane, Halfpenny Lane, Mardale Playing Fields, Lower Lane 6.7 mls 394 ft 2.2 hrs
Monday, 15th June Brackenbottom Scar, Pennine Way, Pen-y-Ghent, Plover Hill, Foxup Moor, Hull Pot, Horton Scar 9 mls 1,810 ft 5 hrs
Thursday, 11th June The Pepperpot, Cove Lane, Lancashire Coastal Way, Lindeth Tower, Jack Scout, Jenny Brown's Point, Heald Brow, Scout Wood, The Row 6 mls 502 ft 3.25 hrs
Sunday, 7th June Alston Reservoirs, Manor House, Norcross Wood, Hothersall Lane, Ox Hey, Eatough Farm, Lower Cockhill Farm, Lower Colllege Farm 6 mls 352 ft 2.75 hrs
Thursday, 4th June Losterdale Beck, Trough Barn, Ouster Rake, Brennand Farm, River Dunsop, Closes Barn 7.5 mls 1,166 ft 4 hrs
Thursday, 14th May Nicky Nook, Grizedale Bridge, Barnacre Moor, Burns Quarry Wood, Slean End, Wyre Way 7.5 mls 1,182 ft 4.5 hrs
May 2020 Compilation of waks done during coronavirus lockdown 105.6 mls 7,371 ft 38 hrs
April 2020 Compilation of waks done during coronavirus lockdown 74.25 mls 4,948 ft 25.25 hrs
Sunday, 29th March Tan Yard Lane, Higher Road, Stone Croft, Birks Brow, John Smith's Playing Fields, Lord's Lane, Longridge Road, Berry Lane, Dilworth Lane 5.5 mls 500 ft 1.75 hrs
Sunday, 22nd March Tan Yard Lane, Tootle Heights, Upper Dilworth Reservoir, Higher Road, Tan Yard Lane 2.2 mls 241 ft 0.75 hrs
Friday, 20th March Tootle Height, Upper Dilworth Reservoir, John Smith's Playing Fields, Lord's Lane, Halfpenny Lane, Green Nook Lane, Mardale Playing Fields, Daniel's Farm, Pinfold Lane, Lower Lane 7.6 mls 477 ft 3 hrs
Tuesday, 17th March Tootle Height, Upper Dilworth Reservoir, John Smith's Playing Fields, Lord's Lane, Halfpenny Lane, Green Nook Lane, Lower Lane 7 mls 440 ft 2.5 hrs
Friday, 13th March

Walk along Crosby Beach visiting Anthony Gormley's Another Place sculptures to Burbo Bank car park and back along the promenade.

Formby Red Squirrel walk:
Cornerstone Wood, Beach, Victoria Wood, Sheep Fields, Squirrel Wood

3 mls


2.75 mls

56 ft


122 ft

1.25 hrs


1.25 hrs

Wednesday, 4th March Dean Brook, Greengore, Spire Hill, Hare Hill, Chilsey Leeming QuarryStock Bridge, Stoneyhurst College 7.7 mls 900 ft 4 hrs
Monday, 2nd March Dean Brook, Greengore, Spire Hill, Hare Hill, Chilsey Green, Stock Bridge, Stoneyhurst College 7.5 mls 930 ft 3.25 hrs
Sunday, 23rd February Stonyhurst Observatory, Hall Barn Farm, Whalley Road, Cross Gills Farm, Ribble Way, Fox Fields, Whalley Road, Stonyhurst College 4.5 mls 420 ft 1.75 hrs
Saturday, 22nd February Stonyhurst Observatories, Hall Barn Farm, Whalley Road, Cross Gills, River Ribble, ShireburnArms, Village Hall car park, Dean Brook, Shire Lane, The Dene 5 mls 900 ft 2.5 hrs
Friday, 14th February Brownslow Fell Track, Spire Hill, High beacn, Brownslow Fell Track 4.2 mls 600 feet 2 hours
Wednesday, 12th February Lower Lane, Moss Farm Lane, Chapel Brow, Pinfold Lane, Preston Road, Mardale Road, Park, Green Nook Lane, Cumeragh Road, Park, Blackburn Road 5 mls 285 ft 1.75 hrs
Friday, 7th February Slean End, Woodacre Pasture, Burns Farm, Moor House, Barnacre Moor, Grizedale Bridge, Holme Wood, Nicky Nook 6.8 mls 1,350 ft 3.5 hrs
Friday, 24th January Dean Brook, Greengore, Crowshaw House, Green Thorn, Hare Hill, Kemple End, Stockbridge Cottages, Stonyhurst College 6.8 mls 900 ft 3.25 hrs
Wednesday, 15th January Parlick, Fair Snape Fell, Wolf Fell, Blindhurst Fell 5 mls 1,500 ft 3 hrs
Friday, 10th January Stonyhurst College, Hall Barn Farm, Fox Fields, Jumbles, Ribble & Calder confluence, Hodder & Ribble confluence, Winckley Hall, Lower Hodder Bridge, Cromwells Bridge, Ribble Way, Hodder Place, Stonyhurst College 7.6 mls 550 ft 3.45 hrs


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