Tyrolean Summer

26/06/11 to 10/07/11

Two weeks in the Austrian Alps

According to the Ramblers Worldwide Holidays brochure:
The Stubai valley offers everything you could wish from a summer holiday in the Alps. The picturesque valley villages, with their window boxes and surrounding hay meadows give way to woodland and high alpine pasture. Here the cows roam, the views stretch away down the valley, and alpine huts and alms dot the mountains. Higher still the rocky slopes lead to good scrambling to reach some excellent summits. It is easy to find remote areas where you feel deep in the Alps and secluded from the world of mobile phones and personal organisers while the smell of pine and alpine flowers permeate the air.

The holiday turned out to be everything the brochure suggested - and more. The groups were expertly led by Al and Jane, whose enthusiasm knowledge and friendliness far surpassed anything I have met on previous holidays. I don't think they could have squeezed another moment of enjoyment from the Stubai valley as we roamed from top to bottom and end to end. The walking was excellent, the views were fantastic and the groups (mainly C/C+ for me) were great company. But don't just take my word for it. Click on the links below to follow the routes for each day and marvel at the wonder and variety of the Stubai Valley.


Click on the photo or the date to be taken to the report and photos for each day

Valley Orientation
27th June

28th June

29th June

30th June

Schrimmennieder Col
1st July

2nd July

Nierdel Col
3rd July

Stubai Glacier
4th July

5th July

6th July

7th July

8th July

Starkenburger Hütte
9th July

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