Everest Tea House Trek

04/03/12 to 19/03/12


A once in a lifetime opportunity!!!


It is one of those things that you may dream of but never really think you will have the opportunity to experience. Well, as I found out, it is quite possible to enjoy the spectacular views of Everest and many other magnificent summits with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. Below is their description of the holiday - more of an 'Adventure' than a holiday!

Mount Everest is the highest and probably the most famous mountain in the world. It makes a staggeringly beautiful sight close up and to take in the view must rank as one of the top 'must do' things on many people's lists. The Everest trek offers the chance for Ramblers clients to enjoy the awe inspiring views with comparatively little effort. We will climb to 4,000m with the summit of Everest still 5,000m above us! We trek on good paths but have the choice to get off the tourist routes and sample relatively unspoilt Sherpa villages and take in some of the many stunning views away from Everest.

Making this trip in March meant that the evenings and mornings were very cold with the pipes in some tea houses being frozen. Some members of the party would disagree with the term 'comparatively little effort'. This was certainly no 'walk in the park' but the hardships experienced were certainly more than made up for by the highlights of the trip. Click on the links below for the details of each day and sample a selection of photos from the many taken en route.






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