Sunday, 7th August 2011


Walk: Kentmere, Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick, Mardale Ill Bell, Nan Bield Pass, Harter Fell, Kentmere Pike, Shipman Knotts
Start Point: Village Hall, Kentmere Grid Ref: NY 456 041
Distance: 12.7 miles Ascent: 3,750 feet
Weather: Overcast with some sun later in the afternoon
Accompanied by:


Comments: Perhaps it was the weather forecast that put people off but only one person accompanied me on this Ramblers' group walk. Fortunately for us the threatened poor weather didn't arrive and while it was overcast for much of the day we had good views in all directions. The expected parking spot had to be changed as the farmer's field wasn't available. Enquiries revealed that they weren't going to bother opening it for parking as it was going to be a wet day! However an area beside the village hall was free, though upon our return it was packed with cars - pays to arrive early. Keeping up a brisk pace we 'bagged' Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick but decided to give Thornthwaite Beacon a miss and took a shortcut across to Mardale Ill Bell. This provided a good spot for lunch with views over to Haweswater where the sun enhanced the vista. A quick descent to Nan Bield Pass was followed by the last major climb of the day to Harter Fell. From here we circumnavigated the boggy bits to reach the trig point at Kentmere Pike. Shipman Knotts is always a disappointment, being a small rocky outcrop beside the path. Descending to the Sadgill/Kentmere Pass we found a different route to the one usually taken, a grassy path through bracken. Reaching the road we were surprised to find a number of 4 x 4s parked just through the gate - I expect they had been having a 'rough day out'! We soon left the road to descend to the river and return to the car past the church.


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Dark skies as we head up to . . .


the summit of Yoke . . .


and enjoy our morning coffee break


Kentmere Reservoir with the Nan Bield Pass sitting between Mardale Ill Bell and Harter Fell


Ian approaches the northerly cairn on Ill Bell . . .


and looking south the other two cairns lead the eye to Windermere


Looking back to the descent from Ill Bell . . .


and down  to Troutbeck Tongue


Further on we can see the trio of Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke (from left to right)


The three summits again from the path to Mardale Ill Bell


Haweswater from Mardale Ill Bell . . .


where we take our lunch break


Small Water and Haweswater


The snaking path that leads from the Nan Bield Pass to Kentmere, but we continue on to . . .


Harter Fell with dark skies to the west . . .


and a brighter picture to the north-east


Kentmere Pike


The sun highlights the fields in the Kentmere valley


Shipman Knotts - you have to know the grid reference . . .


to be sure you are on this one!


Longsleddale valley


A 4 x 4 excursion?


Much of our walk can be seen as we head back into Kentmere

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