Sunday, 22nd October 2017

Walk: Cowan Bridge, Leck Beck, Whoop Hall, Fleet's Lane (track), Fell Yeats, Brownthwaite Pike, Brownthwaite Moss, Trig point, Bullpot, Ease Gill Kirk, Anneside, Leck
Start Point: Cowan Bridge Village Hall car park Grid Reference: SD 635 764 
Distance: 11 miles Ascent: 1,880 feet
Time: 5.75 hours
Weather: Heavy drizzle and mist clearance to a fine afternoon
Comments: A familiar route in reverse as I helped Pat to recce a route for the next programme. After a couple of days' heavy rain the ground was waterlogged but we managed to navigate it without getting wet feet. It was good to get all the hard work done in the morning and with the wind at our backs the rain didn't seem as bad as it could have been. After stopping at Ease Gill Kirk for lunch the weather improved and the sun managed to put in an appearance before we got back to the car.

Standing guard beside Leck Beck . . .

which flows beneath the original Cowan Bridge

Pat spots a magnificent beech tree . . .

with a large bur, usually caused by some form of stress and highly valued by woodworkers for its interesting grain

Two more beech trees . . .

attract our interest

The rain has set in as we reach Brownthwaite cairn . . .

and the low cloud is made worse . . .

by the strong wind

Possibly a Scarlet Hood . . .

with the common name Scarlet Waxcap

As we approach Ease Gill Kirk I'm surprised by the sound of water . . .

as it was completely dry when I was last here

I wonder how many years . . .

it took to wear the rock into such a beautiful, smooth shape?

A bit too cold and wet to sample the water

The 'rock face' I found last time

Pat takes the easy exit - the only other one

being via the watefall!

Our route parallels Leck Beck as we return to the car

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