Sunday, 14th January 2018

Walk: Lane Head, Downham Moor, Big End, Pendle Way, Barley, Lower Black Moss Reservoir, Aitken Wood, Upper Black Moss Reservoir, Black Moss Road, Twiston Moor, Twiston, Twiston beck, Score Clough Beck
Start Point: Downham Grid Reference: SD 784 440 
Distance: 11.5 miles Ascent: 2,350 feet
Time: 6 hours
Weather: Cold but dry with low mist in the distance
Comments: A repeat of the walk done on the previous Monday, this time leading the Ramblers' group. Fortunately it was a dry day so that we were able to carry out the activity I had planned for Aitken Wood. Members of the group were given an up to date map of the Pendle Sculpture trail (the copy on the internet is out of date as the route has been changed). The aim was for them to find the scuptures and plaques and identify them on the map. Most of the group seemed to enjoy the activity.

Ascending Downham Moor

Pendle Hill summit - Big End, in the mist

Looking down to Black Moss Reservoirs and Aitken Wood . . .

from the flanks of Pendle Hill

Tony struggles over the footbridge!

A touch of sun on Pendle Hill

Two Bats - one of the sculptures not found previously . . .

and the elusive Tree Root . . .

with the Spider Web being the most difficult to find

The Magic Broomfield was difficult to photograph . . .

against the backdrop of the trees

We finally found a sheltered spot for lunch

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