Sunday, 29th January 2023

Walk: Lower Lane, Chapel Brow, Pinfold Lane, Alston Wetlands, Preston Road, Chapel Hill, Lower Lane
Start Point: Home    
Distance: 4 miles Ascent: 123 feet
Time: 1.25 hours
Weather: Overcast
Comments: A morning walk with Luna, including a visit to the Wetlands on Pinfold Lane. The Wetlands area was developed on the site of an earlier reservoir. The attempt at catching the bird activity is a little indistinct due to zooming in quite a distance.

The first daffodils I've seen this year

Luna thinks the stile is too high . . .

and squeezes through the gap instead

Shame I haven't got the binoculars!

The swan seems to have it's eye on something . . .

could it be the two swans approaching . . .

with their heads tucked between their wings?

As they get nearer to the single swan . . .

it decides to take off . . .

running across the water and into the air

The other two seem happy now they've seen it off!!

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