2019 Diary

Walks for 2023

30/12/2023 Tan Yard Lane, John Smiths Playing Fields, Willow Park Lane, Berry Lane, Dilworth Lane 2 mls 99 ft 40 mins
25/11/2023 Old Clitheroe Road, main track onto Longridge Fell with a couple of detours before taking side track towards Chisley Green then along Old Clitheroe back to starting point 4.1 mls 591 ft 2 hrs
21/11/2023 Ashley Road, Ashley Hall, Ashley Road, Ashley Hall, Ashley Road 2 mls 95 ft 45 mins
06/11/2023 Lower Lane, Risedale Drive, Higher Road, Tan Yard Lane, Blackburn Road, Industrial access road & return, Taylor Wimpey development 3.8 mls 238 ft 1.5 hrs
05/11/2023 Tan Yard Lane, John Smith's Playing Fields, Willows Park Lane, Crumpax Avenue, Inglewhite Road, Halfpenny Lane, Green Nook Lane, Mardale Road fields, Daniel's Farm, Preston Road, Pinfold Lane, Lower Lane 6 mls 266 ft 2.6 hrs
01/11/2023 Tan Yard Lane, Upper Dilworth Reservoir, John Smith's Playing Fields, Willows Park Lane, Crumpax Avenue, Inglewhite Road, Halfpenny Lane, Green Nook Lane, Mardale Road, Lower Lane 6 mls 333 ft 2 hrs
30/10/2023 Tan Yard Lane (Roman Road), John Smith's Playing Fields, Longridge Road, Berry Lane, Calder Avenue, Green Lane (Roman Road), Higher Road, Dilworth Lane 4 mls 276 ft 1.5 hrs
15/10/2023 Tan Yard Lane, Higher Road, Forty Acre Lane, Higher Road, John Smith's Playing Fields, Lord's Lane, Longridge Road, Berry Lane, Dilworth Lane - with Luna 4.7 mls 346 1.5 hrs
23/09/2023 Tan Yard Lane, John Smith's Playing Fields, Willows Park Lane, Berry Lane, Copster Drive, Lower Lane 3.3 mls 242 ft 1.2 hrs
28/08/2023 Mobberley Road, Ashley Road, Ashley Hall, S Downs Road, Ashley Heath, Coppice Farm, Bowden Church School, Ashley Mill Lane, Ashley Road, Ashley Hall, Mobberley Road 5.1 mls 252 ft 2 hrs
20/08/2023 Snow Hill Lane, Nicky Nook, Fell End Farm, Holmes Wood, Grize Dale, Slean End, Tithe Barn Lane 6.4 mls 901 ft 3.5 hrs
06/08/2023 A trip back in time to visit Cuerden Valley and a couple of houses I used to live in near there. 4.6 mls 283 ft 2.5 hrs
15/07/2023 A walk with a difference - - - - watching family and friends take part in a Tuff Mudder event. 6.6 mls - -
10/06/2023 Lower & Upper Winskill, Catrigg Force, Stainforth, Little Stainforth, Feizor, Feizor Thwaite, Giggleswick Scar, Schoolboys Tower, Ribble Way 9 mls 1,600 ft 4.5 hrs
08/06/2023 The Shireburn, River Ribble, Tolkien Trail, Jumbles Rocks, Winckley Hall, Knowles Brow, Stonyhurst College 5.4 mls 371 ft 2 hrs
07/06/2023 Langden Intake, Langden Book, Langden Castle, return by same route 5 mls 440 ft 1.5 hrs
29/05/2023 Hurst Green, Lambing Clough Lane, Ribble Way, Ribchester Bridge, Marles Wood, Ribble Way, Lambing Clough Lane 8.2 mls 682 ft 5 hrs
17/05/2023 Isle of Arran Coastal Way 56 mls 4,636 ft 7 days
13/05/2023 Victoria Cave, Attermire Scar, Sugar Loaf Hill, Scaleber Force, Lambert Lane, Lodge Road, Ribble Way, Dales Highway 10 mls 1,148 ft 5.5 hrs
24/04/2023 Parlick Pike, Brown Berry Plain Cairn, Saddle Fell, Saddle End Farm, Wolfen Hall, Fell Gate 6 mls 1,288 ft 3 hrs
23/04/2023 Elm House, Ward Green Lane, Buckley Wood, Ribchester, Ribble Way, Ox Hey, Meadow Head, Pinfold Lane, Lower Lane 8.6 mls 517 ft 4 hrs
19/04/2023 Thornley Hall Fell, Spire Hill, footpath through trees to southern edge and return by outward route 3 mls 308 ft 1.2 hrs
16/04/2023 Lower College Farm, Ox Hey, Singleton House, Pinfold, Elm House 5.6 mls 276 ft 2 hrs
26/03/2023 Leeds Liverpool Canal, Pendle Lane, Weets Hill, Slipper Hill Reservoir, Foulridge Wharf, Leeds Liverpool Canal 9.9 mls 1,183 ft 5.5 hrs
10/03/2023 Alston Reservoirs, Ox Hey, Eatoughs, Ward Hall, Upper Dilworth Reservoir 7.1 mls 453 ft 2.5 hrs
08/03/2021 River Calder, Whalley Nab, Cock Bridge, Read Park, Read Old Bridge 6.1 mls 822 ft 2.25 hrs
07/03/2023 Parlick Pike, Fair Snape Fell, Paddy's Pole, Higher Fair Snape, Holme House footpath, Admarsh Barn Farm, Bleasedale Circle, Bleasedale School, Blindhurst 8 mls 1,512 ft 3.5 hrs
28/02/2023 Alston Reservoirs, Hothersall Lane, Elm House, Ward Green Lane, Written Stone Lane, Tootle Height 5.4 mls 440 ft 2 hrs
26/02/2023 Spire Hill, Hare Hill, Longridge Fell, Spire Hill 4.4 mls 415 ft 4.75 hrs
19/02/2023 Foxhouses Farm Cottages, Street Cottage, Wagon Road, Lower Dolphinholme. Wyre Way, Corless Mill, Street Bridge, Wyre Way, Guys, tunnel under M6 7 mls 388 ft 3.45 hrs
14/02/2023 Greengore, Longridge Fell main track, Green Thorn Fell, Chilsey Green, Stock Bridge, Stonyhurst College 6.4 mls 787 ft 2.75 hrs
13/02/2023 Moss Farm, Alston Reservoirs, The Greenwood, Ox hey, Frances Green, Elm House, Blackburn Road 5 mls 203 ft 1.75 hrs
12/02/2023 North Promenade, Ashton Gardens, Inner Promenade, Fairhaven Lake, Lancashire Coastal Way 8.4 mls 202 ft 4 hrs
05/02/2023 Snowhill Lane. Nicky Nook, Fell End, Holme Wood, Grize Dale, Higher Lane, Tithe Barn Lane 6.3 mls 909 ft 3.25 hrs
29/01/2023 Lower Lane, Chapel Brow, Pinfold Lane, Preston Road, Chapel Hill, Lower Lane 4 mls 123 ft 1.25 hrs
23/01/2023 Lower College Farm, Ox Hey, Hothersall Hall, Ribble Way, Ribchester, Pinfold, Ribchester Road, Blackburn Road 6.8 mls 386 ft 2.3 hrs
07/01/2023 Downham, Worsaw End, Scout Cairn, Pendle Hill, Lane Head, Pendle Road 5.7 mls 1,416 ft 2.5 hrs
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