About Me

This website was created initially to enable me to keep a record of walks that I have completed, particularly those that included the fell tops from Wainwright's Pictorial Guides. My desire was to find a way of linking individual fell pages to the walks, and vice versa. I also wanted to find a way of linking photos to each walk.

I only started walking seriously about 30 years ago and fell in love with the Lake District when I climbed Bow Fell on a beautifully clear day. Since then I have come to know the Lakes quite well, completing the Wainwrights in 2005. I have since climbed various summits a number of times but only have details of walks from the beginning of 2007. The walks for that year have been added to the website in retrospect so the information about them may sometimes be a little sparse, and some walks pages do not contain photos. Some of the walks are in the company of a Ramblers group  whilst others are with friends, grandchildren and on my own. 

The website was originally intended for my own use but I have been encouraged to share it with others on the internet. The walks details are merely a record of what I and friends have done and are in no way a recommendation for others to follow. Whilst the author has taken great care to ensure that the information on this website is accurate she accepts no liability for injury, loss or damages incurred by those using said information.

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