2019 Diary

2022 Diary

11/09/2022 Snowhill Lane, Nicky Nook, Holme Wood, Barnacre Moor, Burns Farm, Higher Lane, Woodacre Hall, Wyre Way 8.9 mls 1,112 4.25 hrs
07/09/2022 Parsonage Farm, Ox Hey, Hothersall Hall Farm, Ribble Way, Ribchester War Memorial 4 mls 269 ft 1.75 hrs
04/09/2022 Whalley Spring Wood, Whalley, Whalley Nab, River Calder, Read Park, Read Heights, Hillside Farm, Wiswell Wireless Station, Deer Park Wood 10.4 mls 1,667 ft 5 hrs
12/08/2022 Holiday at The Peveril of the Peak HF Hotel 63 mls 8,354 ft 6 days
31/07/2022 Ribchester, Ox Hey, Hothersall Hall, Red Bank, Ribble Way, Ribchester 5 mls 300 ft 2.5 hrs
24/07/2022 Hareden Farm, Whitemore, Long Knotts, Fair Oak, New Laund, Burholme Bridge, Dunsop Bridge 9.2 mls 1,184 ft 4.25 hrs
21/07/2022 Burholme Bridge to Long Knotts and return along the road 3.2 mls 314 ft 1.25 hrs
27/06/2022 Wyre Way, Catshaw, Abbeystead Weir, Cam Clough, Bond Clough, Stoops Bridge, Wyre Way, Swainshead Hall, Waste Lane, Tinkler's Lane 10 mls 1,076 ft 4.5 hrs
25/06/2022 Marles Wood, River Ribble, Dinckley Bridge, Ribble Way, Haugh Wood, Ribchester Bridge, Ribchester Road 4.7 mls 305 ft 1.75 hrs
21/06/2022 Hareden Farm, Riggs Plantation, Whitmore Fell, Dinckley Green Farm, Long Knotts, Burholme Bridge, River Hodder, Dunsop Bridge, River Dunsop 8.8 mls 1,015 ft 3.5 hrs
20/06/2022 Read Old Bridge, Read Park, Shady Walks, Lamb Row, Wiswell, Deer Park Wood 7.3 mls 1,236 ft 3 hrs
19/06/2022 Lower Lane, Alston Reservoirs, The Greenwood, Ox Hey, Lower Cockhill, Lower College Farm 5.2 mls 235 ft 2 hrs
18/06/2022 Jeffrey Hill, Spire Hill, plantation, fell footpath 3 mls 292 ft 1 hr
14/06/2022 The Shireburn, Ribble Way, Stonyhurst College 5.7 mls 349 ft 2 hrs
04/06/2022 Fielden Clough, Hodder Bank Fell, Giddy Bridge, Newton Bridge, Boarsden, Thorneyholme Hall, River Hodder 8.9 mls 903 ft 4.5 hrs
31/05/2022 Clerk Hill, Wiswell Moor Houses, Wiswell, Deer Park Wood, Clerk Hill 4.1 mls 803 ft 1.75 hrs
29/05/2022 Tan Yard Lane, Elm House, Buckley Wood, Roman Bath House, Granaries, Ribble Way, Manor House, Alston Reservoirs 10.7 mls 710 ft 5.5 hrs
18/05/2022 Mellor Knoll Hause, Whitemore, Dinkling Green, New Laund, Burholme Bridge, Dunsop Bridge 9 mls 979 ft 4 hrs
15/05/2022 Chartists Well, Mearley Moor, Scout Cairn, Big End, Upper Ogden Reservoir, Ogden Clough, Badger Wells Hill, Churn Clough Reservoir 9.2 mls 1,700 ft 5 hrs
12/05/2022 Tan Yard Lane, John Smiths Playing Fields, Berry Lane, Green Nook Lane, Mardale Playing Fields, Pinfold, St Lawrence Church 5.3 mls 245 ft 1.75 hrs
02/05/2022 Elm House, Buckley Wood, Bath House, The Granaries, Ribble Way, Alston Reservoirs 9.9 mls 640 ft 4 hrs
24/04/2022 Hothersall Lane, Ribble Way, Alston Lane, Thorn Lane, Manor House, Lower Lane 6.7 mls 261 ft 2.3 hrs
21/04/2022 Mearley Moor, Scout Cairn, Big End, Ogden Clough, Deerstones, Churn Clough Reservoir 8.8 mls 1,170 ft 4 hrs
18/04/2022 Chartists Well, Mearley Moor, Scout Cairn, Summit, Boar Clough, Ogden Clough, Deerstones, Churn Clough Reservoir, Calf Hill 8.6 mls 1,617 3.75 hrs
17/04/2022 Dobsons Brook, High Barn, Lickhurst Farm, Dinckling Green Farm, Long Knotts, New Laund, Fair Oak, Knot Hill, Leagram Hall access road 9.2 mls 1,370 ft 4.75 hrs
05/04/2022 Elm House, Buckley Wood, Ribchester, Ribble Way, Hothersall Hall, Ox Hey, Lower College Farm 7.3 mls 431 ft 3 hrs
03/04/2022 Bentham Golf Course, Fields and Lanes to Ingleton, River Greta, Scoggles Wood, Burton-in-Lonsdale, across River Greta and field paths to High Bentham 9.2 mls 746 ft 5 hrs
23/03/2022 Lower Hodder Bridge, River Hodder, Higher Hodder Bridge, Edisford Bridge, River Ribble, Mitton Bridge 7.7 mls 558 ft 4 hrs
21/03/2022 A stroll around Beacon Fell summit 1.5 mls 239 ft 1 hr
20/03/2022 Lister Road, Gisburn Old Road, Pennine Way, Weets Hill, Folly Lane, Forty Steos, Letcliffe Park, canal towpath 7 mls 1,116 ft 4 hrs
15/03/2022 Parlick Pike, Nick's Chair, Paddy's Pole, Fair Snape Fell, Nick's Chair, Blindhurst Fell 4.5 mls 1,210 ft 2 hrs
06/03/2022 Spring Wood, River Calder, Whalley Nab, River Calder, Read Park, Read Old Bridge, Portfield 5 mls 698 ft 2 hrs


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