2019 Diary

2022 Diary

29/12/2022 Ribchester Road, Hothersall Lane, Ox Hey, Hothersall Lodge, Ribble Way, Manor House, Lower Lane 6.2 mls 396 ft 2.25 hrs
11/12/2022 Tan Yard Lane, Upper Dilworth Reservoir, John Smith Playing Fields, Berry Lane Recreational Ground, Lower Lane 4.2 mls 232 ft 1.7 hrs
05/12/2022 Fell Foot, Parlick Pike, Fairsnape Fell, Nick's Chair, Fell Foot 4.3 mls 1,269 ft 2 hrs
27/11/2022 Fell Foot, Parlick Pike, Fair Snape Fell, shoulder of Parlick, Fell Foot 4.3 mls 1,126 ft 1.8 hrs
12/11/2022 Alston Reservoirs, Meadow Head, Ox Hey, Eatough's Farm, Ribchester Road, Elm House, Blackburn Road 5.3 mls 210 ft 2 hrs
04/11/2022 Tan Yard Lane, John Smith's Playing Fields, Lord's Lane, Longridge Road, Halfpenny Lane, Green Nook Lane, Mardale Road, Lower Lane 5.3 mls 277 ft 2 hrs
30/10/2022 Stonyhurst College, River Hodder, Cromwell's Bridge, The River Ribble, Jumbles, The Shireburn 7.1 mls 527 ft 2.75 hrs
28/10/2022 Lambing Clough, Dinckley Bridge, River Ribble, Dinckley Bridge, Lambing Clough, Stonyhurst College 4.7 mls 443 ft 2 hrs
25/10/2022 Spring Wood, Whalley, Nab Wood, Heys Farm, Bowley Scout Camp, River Calder, Read Park, Portfield Road 7 mls 90 ft 2.8 hrs
16/10/2022 Hookcliffe Plantation, Big End, Barley Lane, Brownlow, Hill Foot, Twiston Mill, The Wood, Twiston Lane, Downham 8.7 mls 1,870 ft 5 hrs
06/10/2022 Jeffrey Hill to Spire Hill and return 3.3 mls 392 ft 1.25 hrs
05/10/2022 Tootle Height, Written Stone, Ward Green Lane, Buckley Hall, Buckley Wood, Singleton House, Lord's Farm, Ribchester Road 6.4 mls 596 ft 2.5 hrs
11/09/2022 Snowhill Lane, Nicky Nook, Holme Wood, Barnacre Moor, Burns Farm, Higher Lane, Woodacre Hall, Wyre Way 8.9 mls 1,112 ft 4.25 hrs
07/09/2022 Parsonage Farm, Ox Hey, Hothersall Hall Farm, Ribble Way, Ribchester War Memorial 4 mls 269 ft 1.75 hrs
04/09/2022 Whalley Spring Wood, Whalley, Whalley Nab, River Calder, Read Park, Read Heights, Hillside Farm, Wiswell Wireless Station, Deer Park Wood 10.4 mls 1,667 ft 5 hrs
12/08/2022 Holiday at The Peveril of the Peak HF Hotel 63 mls 8,354 ft 6 days
31/07/2022 Ribchester, Ox Hey, Hothersall Hall, Red Bank, Ribble Way, Ribchester 5 mls 300 ft 2.5 hrs
24/07/2022 Hareden Farm, Whitemore, Long Knotts, Fair Oak, New Laund, Burholme Bridge, Dunsop Bridge 9.2 mls 1,184 ft 4.25 hrs
21/07/2022 Burholme Bridge to Long Knotts and return along the road 3.2 mls 314 ft 1.25 hrs
27/06/2022 Wyre Way, Catshaw, Abbeystead Weir, Cam Clough, Bond Clough, Stoops Bridge, Wyre Way, Swainshead Hall, Waste Lane, Tinkler's Lane 10 mls 1,076 ft 4.5 hrs
25/06/2022 Marles Wood, River Ribble, Dinckley Bridge, Ribble Way, Haugh Wood, Ribchester Bridge, Ribchester Road 4.7 mls 305 ft 1.75 hrs
21/06/2022 Hareden Farm, Riggs Plantation, Whitmore Fell, Dinckley Green Farm, Long Knotts, Burholme Bridge, River Hodder, Dunsop Bridge, River Dunsop 8.8 mls 1,015 ft 3.5 hrs
20/06/2022 Read Old Bridge, Read Park, Shady Walks, Lamb Row, Wiswell, Deer Park Wood 7.3 mls 1,236 ft 3 hrs
19/06/2022 Lower Lane, Alston Reservoirs, The Greenwood, Ox Hey, Lower Cockhill, Lower College Farm 5.2 mls 235 ft 2 hrs
18/06/2022 Jeffrey Hill, Spire Hill, plantation, fell footpath 3 mls 292 ft 1 hr
14/06/2022 The Shireburn, Ribble Way, Stonyhurst College 5.7 mls 349 ft 2 hrs
04/06/2022 Fielden Clough, Hodder Bank Fell, Giddy Bridge, Newton Bridge, Boarsden, Thorneyholme Hall, River Hodder 8.9 mls 903 ft 4.5 hrs
31/05/2022 Clerk Hill, Wiswell Moor Houses, Wiswell, Deer Park Wood, Clerk Hill 4.1 mls 803 ft 1.75 hrs
29/05/2022 Tan Yard Lane, Elm House, Buckley Wood, Roman Bath House, Granaries, Ribble Way, Manor House, Alston Reservoirs 10.7 mls 710 ft 5.5 hrs
18/05/2022 Mellor Knoll Hause, Whitemore, Dinkling Green, New Laund, Burholme Bridge, Dunsop Bridge 9 mls 979 ft 4 hrs
15/05/2022 Chartists Well, Mearley Moor, Scout Cairn, Big End, Upper Ogden Reservoir, Ogden Clough, Badger Wells Hill, Churn Clough Reservoir 9.2 mls 1,700 ft 5 hrs
12/05/2022 Tan Yard Lane, John Smiths Playing Fields, Berry Lane, Green Nook Lane, Mardale Playing Fields, Pinfold, St Lawrence Church 5.3 mls 245 ft 1.75 hrs
02/05/2022 Elm House, Buckley Wood, Bath House, The Granaries, Ribble Way, Alston Reservoirs 9.9 mls 640 ft 4 hrs
24/04/2022 Hothersall Lane, Ribble Way, Alston Lane, Thorn Lane, Manor House, Lower Lane 6.7 mls 261 ft 2.3 hrs
21/04/2022 Mearley Moor, Scout Cairn, Big End, Ogden Clough, Deerstones, Churn Clough Reservoir 8.8 mls 1,170 ft 4 hrs
18/04/2022 Chartists Well, Mearley Moor, Scout Cairn, Summit, Boar Clough, Ogden Clough, Deerstones, Churn Clough Reservoir, Calf Hill 8.6 mls 1,617 3.75 hrs
17/04/2022 Dobsons Brook, High Barn, Lickhurst Farm, Dinckling Green Farm, Long Knotts, New Laund, Fair Oak, Knot Hill, Leagram Hall access road 9.2 mls 1,370 ft 4.75 hrs
05/04/2022 Elm House, Buckley Wood, Ribchester, Ribble Way, Hothersall Hall, Ox Hey, Lower College Farm 7.3 mls 431 ft 3 hrs
03/04/2022 Bentham Golf Course, Fields and Lanes to Ingleton, River Greta, Scoggles Wood, Burton-in-Lonsdale, across River Greta and field paths to High Bentham 9.2 mls 746 ft 5 hrs
23/03/2022 Lower Hodder Bridge, River Hodder, Higher Hodder Bridge, Edisford Bridge, River Ribble, Mitton Bridge 7.7 mls 558 ft 4 hrs
21/03/2022 A stroll around Beacon Fell summit 1.5 mls 239 ft 1 hr
20/03/2022 Lister Road, Gisburn Old Road, Pennine Way, Weets Hill, Folly Lane, Forty Steos, Letcliffe Park, canal towpath 7 mls 1,116 ft 4 hrs
15/03/2022 Parlick Pike, Nick's Chair, Paddy's Pole, Fair Snape Fell, Nick's Chair, Blindhurst Fell 4.5 mls 1,210 ft 2 hrs
06/03/2022 Spring Wood, River Calder, Whalley Nab, River Calder, Read Park, Read Old Bridge, Portfield 5 mls 698 ft 2 hrs


Statistics Recorded on Website

Number of walks 44 walks
Distance walked 338.8 miles
Ascent climbed 40,533 feet


Statistics Recorded Daily
Number of walks 407 walks
Distance walked  1,250 miles
Ascent climbed  Not recorded